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A CASE STUDY: How Nike Won 2016 With Video Marketing... and How You Can, Too!

...the "Unlimited You" video is a great add... made up primarily of footage from a number of other spots - 22 others, to be exact - in a video campaign called the, "Unlimited" series. Here's how they executed the production...

Marketing, Distribution, Art of Story, Branding, Choosing Your Vendor

Your New Video for 2017

2016 has been nuts! But this train doesn't stop for anything, so here are some thoughts on how to approach marketing in the new year.  

Art of Story

Merry Christmas!

Time for some of our favorite lines from holiday classics! 


What Does the Average Video Cost: The Crew

Are you thinking about using video for your business marketing but you're not sure what to expect? Here's some quick rule-of-thumb info on cost.


What Does the Average Video Cost: Pre-Production

 Although there are a plethora of activities that can be lumped into this category, the primary three that we will focus on here are:  writing/scripting, scheduling, and location scouting.


Video Prep

If you’re considering video, that’s great. It’s important to market and create memorable content to your audience. But if you’re going to do video, it takes commitment and passion. And preparation.

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