Do you have a favorite restaurant? You know, that one spot that satisfies your soul. Why do you like going there? The food. The service. The atmosphere. That little circle thingy that spins around with all the orders on it. You know, the content. Everything inside that makes it worth the time and money.  

Spoon and Stable has great content (Check out the food as seen in our video above!)  They provide a great experience for their customer because they care about their content. Every plate is a work of edible glory. Yumm! And so it is with media. Making great food and great media are essentially the same. They both deliver a grand memorable moment that we can taste or see**. 

And here’s the exciting thing: people are constantly consuming and creating. We aren’t just watching media anymore, we are all participating in it. Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, and Buzzfeed quizzes have become check-in points for everybody. Media has moved from one-to-many communication to many-to-many.

According to various studies, the average young American consumes 10 hours worth of media a day, but they do it in about 7 hours. So, what are we after? Content. We crave it. We need to be informed, educated, and entertained.


Why else do we Netflix binge? Sure, we could mow the lawn, but first, just need check out one more episode, right? Content is king. Bill Gates said it in 1996. Marketing guru Seth Godin said it nearly ten years later, and top radio consultant Mark Ramsey posted this pretty picture with it last year. They are all exactly right. what does that mean for you and I? It means that content matters! It means that, at the end of the day, story wins and that the medium is the message. People don’t really care where it comes from (initially); they just love content... but is it just any content? No.

Think about what you watch and listen to. If you're anything like us, you consume media that matters to you. You interact with a picture, a blog, a video, etc, because it makes you feel something. It helps you remember or perhaps influences you. It changes your mood or makes you laugh or cry.  It maybe makes you believe in someone.

So, the goal isn’t just getting people to fall in love with content. They already do that. It’s getting them to fall in love with YOUR content.

So how you do that?  Start with these three things:

1)    Why do you want to tell your story?

2)    How do you want your audience to feel? (Think of the ending and work backwards)

3)    What ways do you want your customers to connect with the content of your story? (In other words, what call are they responding to and how do you measure the success or failure of it?)


PS:  If you are in Minneapolis or St. Paul, a few (just a few) of our other favorite chewable content stops are: Brasa RotisserieBlue Door PubShishRed CowAlma, Burch Steak, Smack ShackAnchor FishHappy Gnome and Hazel’s. Enjoy! :)

**Pixar's DVD extra from Ratatouille called Fine Food and Film explores this idea of craft with director Brad Bird and chef Thomas Keller. 


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