On the Home Page you say that you are "a video production and a video marketing company." What is the difference?
A video production company will make you a video.  This is our primary service, and, with all humility, we're pretty good at it.  On the other hand, a video marketing company will help you determine what video to make and how to best use that video to get you the most bang for your buck.  You'd be amazed how many videos are produced but are never properly used to increase sales, drive traffic, etc.  That makes us sad.  So we work with our customers to assure that their video gets in front of their target market.  As we like to say, a properly used video is not an expenseit is an investment.


Why did you change from Main Point Media to “Slate and Main”?
In the winter of 2015, as part of a change in our corporate direction, Main Point Media purchased a creative firm called “Slate.” The new name represents an intersection of the two companies: 10 years of experience at Main Point meeting the wonderful creativity of Slate. So, if you think “Slate and Main” sounds like an intersection of two streets, well yeah—that’s on purpose.


What kind of cameras do you use for shooting?  
Our main camera is a RED Epic Dragon which shoots 6K videothat’s six times more resolution than your HD TV. We also shoot with Lumix GH5 cameras which capture 4K video in a 35mm-style camera. And we have a collection of old cameras for basic HD work, if you’re into that.


Do you own most of your gear or rent it?
We own almost everything we useincluding the RED camera. We have dollies, an 18’ jib, gimbals, lots of lights and audio pieces, etc. We do rent grip trucks for larger productions. We don’t own the employees, regardless of what they tell you.  


What kind of projects do you work on?
Our “wheelhouse” projects are creative marketing and advertising videos in the mid- to upper-end range. However, we work on a wide range of projects for marketing, imaging, sales, web, and training videos. We’d love to chat with you about your next video. Give us a call, or contact us here.


What does an “average” video cost?
Let’s be honestan “average” video is pretty hard to nail down. That’s like asking, “How big is an average rock?” Truth be told, every project is unique and, thus, so is every production.  And that website promising "Marketing Videos for $795" isn't going to produce anything you'd ever want your name on.  To learn more about our process or to get an outline of how we bid out projects, give us a holler.


Why do you cost more than my neighbor who works out of his basement? Is there really any difference in what you can do?
We cost more than your neighbor because we can create a much better project (examples here). We have a fantastic team, with guys who focus on writing, lighting, shooting, audio, editing and more. This gives us the ability to deliver a far superior product to that guy working as a one-man company. That said, we are affordable, we’re responsive, and much of our work is with repeat clients because people love working with us. And we’re humble.  


Can you shoot my movie?
Sure, we’d love to! We have an experienced team that has done large productions like your movie. But not for free, and not for “future consideration.” While we love our work, we do like to pay our bills.  


Where do you work? Are you willing to travel?
We are based in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), but we regularly travel all over the country for our clients. So yes, we’d be happy to go wherever you need usespecially if it involves tropical islands!


Can I write my own script and have you do the rest?
Sure, we do that all the time. And we’re happy to have our writer give your script a review to help solve any issues he might find. Not everyone can be a great writer like our guy, and there’s no shame in that.


Can I help you with SEO?
Nope, we’re good. And spamming us won’t change that. Seriously.


Will you do live event work?
Not anymore. We all love doing marketing and production work, and we decided to stick with doing what we love.  


Do you shoot weddings?
Nope, we don’t do weddings, bar mitzvahs, pet funerals, child births, or kindergarten graduations, but we can recommend a good company for that.