We exist to tell
your story.

We are storytellers who make narrative-driven videos, commercials and films. Every person, brand and product has a story to tell, and we’re here to help you share it. We believe that one exceptional video will have more impact than an entire website of copy. So, engage your audience with a compelling narrative that tugs at their heartstrings, makes them laugh, speaks their language. A good story is powerful. We believe it can transform how you do business.

Let's get started shall we?



Jake LeVoir

Director of Sales

Jake LeVoir

A media and Instagram fanatic, Jake is a lover of communicationespecially of the social media variety. He also loves movies. In fact, the first time Jake saw The Gladiator he fell in love. And speaking of love, there’s nothing he loves more than a day on Lake Minnetonka, soaking up the sun.

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Producer / Director

Keith Eveland

If you looked at Keith’s bookshelf or movie library (or the walls of our office), you might come to the conclusion that he’s a big Hitchcock fan, and you’d be right.  He loves to watch movies with his family and he enjoys reading and learning about the old “studio system” that created many of the classics.  


Post Production Supervisor / DP

Kent Katterjohn

Kent enjoys hanging out of helicopters, scuba diving with sharks and living life on the edge everywhere he can. And he’s figured a way to take his risk-taking personality and apply it to his craft.  Friends, family, the great outdoors—it doesn’t matter . . . life is an adventure.


Writer / Producer

Mark Seignious

Yeah, that last name hits you like an eye chart, doesn't it? All you need to remember is that it rhymes with genius. Seignious the Genius just rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? Of course, if you spend any time with him, you'll realize it definitely just rhymes. Aside from a 20-year radio career, Mark especially enjoys cooking and eating with family and friends.

Jared Myers


Jared Myers

Jurassic Park was the movie that inspired Jared to make a film of his own, so when he was 10 he grabbed his Dad’s home video camera and started making movies. Inspired by the special effects of movies like Jurassic Park and Star Wars, Jared enjoys making VFX and graphics in After Effects and he also loves editing. Besides that he does stop motion animation and directing for which he was awarded a Midwest Regional Student Emmy award in 2015. When he’s not making movies, he’s watching them, listening to music, and writing. 


Hunter Smith

Writer/Content Manager

Hunter Smith

Somewhere between doing everything and doing nothing, there is Hunter. Ever-fascinated by the changing whims of people, Hunter has translated a love for story and the impossible into a career in marketing. They haven't given him an office, so he can often be found wandering the halls, wringing out his brain for script ideas. 

He's also allergic to everything, but he's trying not to let that define him.