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Slate and Main is a creative video production agency and video marketing agency in Minneapolis. Offering competitive video production pricing for all kinds of projects, from TV commercials and business video to social media video, we’re proud to be considered one of the best video production companies in Minnesota.
Our mission is connecting people. We do this by partnering with brands and agencies, and the best crew and talent, to create marketing video.

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Video Marketing Services

Types of video content marketing we provide:

Commercial Video Production Highly produced, public-facing advertisements.

TV Video Production Highly produced, public-facing broadcasts.

Corporate Video Production Services Well produced, interview based messaging.

Product Video Services Well produced, product based messaging.


Why Video?

Have you ever wondered how to make a commercial? Or what is a production company? Or what exactly is video content marketing? Look no further.

Our Resources Page includes helpful vlogs, briefs, instructions, and a yearly online video guide. If you’re already convinced, click Start A Project.