A CASE STUDY: How Nike Won 2016 With Video Marketing... and How You Can, Too!

...the "Unlimited You" video is a great add... made up primarily of footage from a number of other spots - 22 others, to be exact - in a video campaign called the, "Unlimited" series. Here's how they executed the production...

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Instagram VS Snapchat


When Instagram debuted their new “Story” feature, everyone couldn’t believe how similar it was to Snapchat. The layout, the look, the function: it’s nearly all the same. But what no one was expecting was the preferred spot Instagram would nab with advertisers.

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Your Video Doesn't Need to Go Viral

The internet isn’t the same as it was back when Charlie bit that pesky finger, and neither is video. Now people work hours and hours and spend heaps of money in order to go viral. But since everyone is trying to make their video viral too, you have way more competition and way shorter staying-power.

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