The Nine Videos that Increase Revenue

Whatever you are doing with video, your main goal is to engage an audience. Regardless of the message, the medium has to be strong. However, strength often means, you guessed it, difficult (and expensive) to change. And in our current economy, agility is everything.

That’s why we love video — not only is it a strong medium, it is also agile. If shot correctly, the same footage can, potentially, be packaged into multiple formats to deliver numerous messages and ultimately increase revenues.

Here are nine of the most popular revenue-increasing video formats that exist:


Employee Training
Employee training grows revenues? You bet your bottom dollar (or, hopefully no more dollars). Think about it like this:  how much money do corporations spend each year on training and then, on the flip-side, defending the fact that each employee got the same info?  The answer is… a lot. Too much. With video, the solution is simple:  everyone gets the same training… that has already been paid for. Next.

Process Training
We won’t dig in here as deep as employee training because the concept is the same. However, it is valuable to note that “training videos” can extend beyond employees to processes and product training.

Lobby Videos
It’s estimated that we (humans, that is) see approximately 5,000 ad’s every day. Do the math. That’s one every 11.52 seconds. Yikes. The value in video work playing around your offices is two-fold:  1) it builds brand consistency (that goes for employees, too!), and 2) it ensures that you are being advertised while people are in your office… not something or someone else. Remember, marketing is about consistency.


People relate to stories. Plain and simple. Telling people they should donate to you or sending them static text, bullet pointing why you’re awesome is a quick way to a 3% or less conversion rate. Utilizing the power of narrative video can drastically increase response rate — some argue up to 11% !

Product Demos
Where is the number one place you go if you want to see how something is used? YouTube? So does everyone else. It’s a lot easier to learn to tie your shoe by watching someone do it, for example, then by reading or listening to them tell you how.

Business Overviews
Narrative story is king here, again. Putting a voice, a story, and ultimately a face to your company is what wins business. People do business with people, not businesses. The ability to tell the story of your company in a transferable medium that is infinitely replicable is unparalleled. 

Talent Recruitment
Marsh and McLennan Agency recently released a Sales Recruitment video. Within the first eight days they had over 1,500 views and 13 job applications on a sales recruitment video! Hows that for acquisition cost?

VLOG (Video Blog)
Consistency, consistency, consistency, consistency! And did I mention consistency? Consistency ISmarketing and, unfortunately, is also the one thing people shy away from. Hitting the right person at the right time with the right marketing piece is how you convert leads. To do that though, you need to continually deliver similar brand messages in different advertising messages through the same marketing medium. VLOG-ing accomplishes exactly that.

Live Events
Although the standard breakdown of this category is “Keynotes” and “Concerts”, I’ve grouped them into one because the details are the same. Namely, capturing footage at one of your events extends the event past the immediate audience.


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About the Author
Jake LeVoir is the Director of Sales at Slate and Main. He has built a career on helping organizations grow by developing engaging video campaigns that drive consumer traffic and increase brand awareness.

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