The Best Christmas Movies


If you didn't know this already, our office is chock full of movie nerds. We're talking like a level nine nerd on a five point scale. We're the folks that reply with "the lighting" when asked our favorite part of the film... or worse, "the overarching theme".

But hey, there's a secret part of everyone that loves to love movies and because of that, we spent some time thinking about what our favorite Christmas movies are and why... enjoy:

Jake LeVoir, Director of Sales

Because, what if Buddy doesn't find his dad?! Elf is one of those modern classics that makes you remember what it was like to be excited about Christmas all over again. Not only that, but this BuzzFeed article gives you 19 reasons why you're wrong if you think there's a better Christmas movie.

Keith Eveland, Owner/Producer
White Christmas

You kind of have to like musicals to like this one... but Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen are classic. And this was done back when they knew how to do musicals! They would be singing and dancing for minutes on end without a cut because there weren't mistakes! Also, the quips were fantastic, "What, is this the best two out of three?" I love the smart humor.

Kent Katterjohn, Post Production Manager
Polar Express

Honestly, just because of what it does for my kids. I always watch it with them and love what it does to them. The whole wonder, amazement, joy, happiness... everything. That's really what video is all about, it's what you feel that you remember. That's what makes you come back.

Mark Seignious, Writer
A Charlie Brown Christmas AND Rudolph

I can't choose... These really are the quintessential moments of Christmas:  the iconic Vince Guaraldi soundtrack and Linus reading the Gospel; then Hermie the want-to-be dentist and the Island of Misfit Toys. Ahh! For me it's about those memories too... and the thought that one day someone will tell me, "I'm cute, I'm cuuute, I'm cuuuute!!"

Christopher Behnen, Creative Director
It's a Wonderful Life

It's all about the story, and this one is simple. It's about finding what's at the core of Christmas, what the emotions are, and how human that makes you feel. The black and white throw-backs are also super nostalgic and the film geek in me gives that a big thumbs-up! 


So, what's your favorite Christmas movie and why? We'd love to know!

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