How Many NYE Resolutions Do You Need?

 This dead guy wrote a bunch of really cool resolutions and went on to become president of Princeton. He probably didn't do them all at once though.

You've almost made it through the first week of 2016! (Victory lap!). However, now it's time to start your list of New Year’s resolutions (or what might some refer to as the dreaded  blank page).

Perhaps your list contains a few resolves but hasn't quite reached the epic-yet-humble 70 item list Jonathan Edwards cranked out in the early 1700’s. You may even be a tad bit sore from your first workout following the feeding trough known as Thanksgiving to Christmas. Or possibly you're overwhelmed from navigating through all the social media advice about "how to do better" and making this year "you’re best ever"!

I'm here to say, stop. Take a deep breath, and let me tell you a short story... 

 Sometimes when you pick a good one, you swing and miss. But that's okay. Just pick another good one.

Before becoming the legendary Hall of Fame manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda served as the third base coach. The story goes that when one of the Dodger hitters stepped into the batter’s box and looked to Lasorda for instruction, Lasorda stuck a finger in his nose. The hitter was slightly perplexed. 

So, he stepped out of the box, wandered over to Lasorda and asked, “What’s the finger in the nose mean?” 

Lasorda replied, “Pick a good one.”

That’s it. “Pick a good one.”
Simple and clean. What every hitter needs to know and do. You don't worry about hitting .300 or smashing 30 homers for the season. You pick a good one, first. 

It's good advice from Mr. Lasorda. You can’t do everything, but you can at least pick a good one and do that. And then you can pick another good one and do that. Just keep picking good ones. Oh sure, I could have gone with baby steps (and say "I'm sailing"), but the point of this post is simple and clear. Pick a good one.

 This kid never misses.

If I could probe just a little further and offer some direction, I would change Lasorda’s guidance slightly (while removing my finger from my nose) and say that for this year, you should pick a good video production company.

Why? Because the positive impact video content marketing delivers for your company is real. People are engaging with brands on video platforms more than ever. They really like high-level, well-crafted content. The trouble is it's not easy to come up with content consistently and turn it into great video. The good news is that you don't have to journey alone. There are creative folks who know how to produce video professionally!

They (the aforementioned creative folks) can help you find the story that connects your business with your customers. Kinda like the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon panel connects with our feelings about New Year's resolutions. They really understand and know how to do good and even great video. We all love stories -- we live them every day -- and people buy things because that thing, whatever it is, makes the story of their lives better right now.

What? You don’t think you have story? I’m thinking that perhaps the folks at Vaseline didn’t think they had a story either. I mean, what kind of story is there in a lowly jar of petroleum jelly. I wonder. Let's see with this story below... 


Well, if you watched that video piece, you’d probably agree that Vaseline picked a good one. I believe you can, too. So, this year, pick a good one... a good video production company, that is.  

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About the Author
Mark Seignious, M.A., realizes his last name is a bit of an eye-chart. But, it rhymes with genius. Of course, after reading this post or others, you'll immediately just rhymes. . He enjoys writing for Slate and Main plus shaping young minds as an Associate Professor at the University of Northwestern- St Paul. He occasionally picks a good one, but usually makes sure no one is looking.