Hey! Let's Put On A Show! (Or a Consistent Video. )

 Hey, this content marketing is swell!

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“We gotta have a great show, with a million laughs, and color with a lot of lights to make it sparkle! And songs! Wonderful songs!”- Mickey Rooney

“Oh! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!”-Judy Garland

Don't you just love those excitable pie-in-the-sky words of a teenage Mickey Rooney and fresh-faced Judy Garland in the 1940 film Strike up the Band. There wasn’t a movie in Rooney's early days that failed to burst his positivity. I’m sure even a dead body at his feet wouldn’t deter his hopefulness and determination. He'd basically just say "It's a flesh wound. 

And so it is with the buzz of video content marketing. We are in the age where anyone can raise their own little barn and “put on a show!” Countless recent research shows that video marketing can be quite effective for your business such as improving SEO, capturing customer attention and gaining their loyalty.


In the world of cows (and Webster’s), branding means “to impress upon indelibly, as with a hot iron.” After all these years, it remains the perfect term to position your product in the marketplace. It’s no wonder we continue to use it. And while  the feeling of a hot iron may not be your quest, the clear memory of you in your customer’s mind certainly is highly desired.

Video marketing captures a wide range of emotions that can help build awareness, create responses or convert customers. You can showcase the personality of your company and create a new avenue for relationships with your customer.  Ultimately you strengthen your brand equity.

These are wonderful Mickey Rooney type days when it comes to adding video to your marketing mix. Rooney says when he made all those great musicals with Judy Garland, each one was all about him going into a barn for the joy of saying, 'Let's put on a show!" That's why they consistently did it and you can too. However, you can’t just whip out your phone, and wing it. You have to be smart and strategic as you deliver consistent, unique, well-produced, memorable content. So what does consistency even mean? 

 Love 'em or hate 'em. The Simpsons have consistently avoided consistency for  27 years.

Consistency means regularly scheduled content. You are setting an expectation. Your video content marketing is your version of the news or an episode of The Simpsons. It’s time for your inner Mickey Rooney to put on an appropriate 'show' that fits your brand. 

Consistency means a level of promise. It’s easy to post for a few weeks and then want to blow it off because it doesn’t achieve 9 million views. You have to persevere and faithfully stick with it.  Each video consolidates your efforts and unifies your brand. It's an  opportunity platform to let your customers know who you are. You need to be dependable and bring valuable content. 

Consistency means striving for professional quality. You have to pay attention to what ALL of your content looks like. You might spend thousands of dollars on a cool looking brochure, banners or other collateral.  Your video is no different. Spend some effort on the actual production value. It will deliver a better experience. It also will say something more about your company and show your character and personality. 

Consistency means memorable content. Everything you offer to your customers has to have value. You have to have a narrative/story benchmark. Your company is unique and can offer something that no one else can. You’re building relationships with the people who like what you do. You share similar beliefs. In some way you help them lead better lives. Your media content extends your reach towards your audience in ways that print or this blog can’t.  In fact, video marketing is 10 times more likely to engage traffic than a post without it.

So, basically what I'm saying without a cool video this blog post is doomed.

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About the Author
Mark Seignious, M.A., realizes his last name is a bit of an eye-chart. But, it rhymes with genius. Of course, after reading this post or others, you'll immediately know...it just rhymes. He enjoys writing for Slate and Main plus shaping young minds as an Associate Professor at the University of Northwestern- St Paul. He is also only slightly taller than Mickey Rooney- by about 7 inches. Okay, maybe 5.