What Video Marketing Can Learn From Chipotle

No, this has nothing to do with them all being closed today (God bless their collective souls). It does have to do with something they both have in common, though... 


Do you have a favorite restaurant? You know, that one place that satisfies your soul? Why do you like going there?

It's more than just the food... it's the whole experience! It's everything inside that makes spending your time and money worth it. Just like your favorite restaurant, you need to be putting out good content. Here's why: 

  1. Great food and great media build memorable moments and create a desire to "come back".
  2. "Coming back" creates a relationship between you and your consumer. Those relationships help your clients know and trust you more.
  3. Now more than ever, people are buying products and services from brands they feel like they know and can trust.
  4. Good content can be an avenue of continuous communication between you and your customers because it connects who you are to who they are.

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About the Author
Jake LeVoir is the Director of Sales at Slate and Main. He has built a career on helping organizations grow by developing engaging video campaigns that drive consumer traffic and increase brand awareness.

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