Buying A Video Is Like Buying A House

It's funny how people approach their money when making big decisions. Take buying a home, for example. You think about how much money you're willing to spend and when a Realtor asks you how much you do this really crazy thing... you tell 'em!, should buying Video Marketing be any different? NO! And here's why:


A Few Takeaways...
Because it's never good to just leave with a bunch of comparisons and negativity. We need constructed, actionable "next steps", and here they are:

  1. Buying a video -- like buying a house -- can be complicated because there are many factors out of your control. That is why transparency is key to a successful (and enjoyable) experience.
  2. SHARE YOUR BUDGET with your vendor and/or prospective vendors. This will allow them to help you the most efficiently and effectively because they will build something you can and want to afford.
  3. Trust your video partner enough to plan with and for you -- it will save you time, energy, and money! If you're not sharing your budget because you're scared that you will be charged more, that means you don't trust your vendor... and you shouldn't work with people/vendors you don't trust. That's a problem in itself!



About the Author
Jake LeVoir is the Director of Sales at Slate and Main. He has built a career on helping organizations grow by developing engaging video campaigns that drive consumer traffic and increase brand awareness.

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