Video is Not A Book


Everybody has that person in their life who you never want to take to the movies. Why? Because they always say the same thing. “The book was better than the movie.”

Let’s be honest: they’re usually right. But also, more times than not, they’re failing to see the big picture. Movies and books are not the same kind of storytelling. They’re different, and so they excel at different things.

The same is true for your corporate video. As a business, you probably have lots of thoughts and literature that you want your customers to know about, and video seems like an easy way to do it. You think everything is important in your video.

But it's not.

Some things are only important to your company and not the audience. You have to leave some stuff out and keep your eye on the big picture of pointing people towards your brand. It means your marketing video should focus one memorable moment that connects with your audience, not a bunch of facts that make you as a company feel warm and fuzzy.