Cambria Leads Content Marketing by Example


Barely a week after recording the Hot Take-themed podcast, our predictions are coming to fruition, right here in Minnesota!

Eden Prairie-based company Cambria designs and sells stone countertops, but they recently broke into a more cinematic space with their unconventional video marketing effort, “Legend of Cambria,” a series of seven, five-minute long narrative videos voiced by Colin Farrell. Cambria partnered with another Minnesota-based group space150 for the creative direction, intending to make, as director Alexei Tylevich put it, “a film that was utterly riveting and completely unique.”

Brand-awareness shorts themselves are nothing new, but Cambria have taken a particular angle: the videos are narrative and genre-oriented, serving as consumable content first and brand-awareness second.

The key here is that Cambria has done what many companies fail to do and got out of their own way in their marketing. The piece is high-budget, professionally produced and directed, is designed beyond being flash-in-the-pan (i.e., it has shareable viability longer than one marketing cycle), and it considers the audience first in the brand/consumer relationship of an advertisement.

In a recent Slate and Main Podcast episode, I proposed the viability of this method, and it’s a style I’ve been advocating for marketers to consider for years. Not to toot my own horn here, but... *toot toot!*

What marketers don’t have to emulate (though they certainly may) is the scale of Cambria’s efforts. Not every piece of branded content needs a CGI dragon (the ROI numbers on dragons for 2018 haven’t been released yet) as long as your content presents value. That’s where shareability starts.

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Hunter Smith