Clutch and The Manifest Highlight Slate and Main


It goes almost without saying: At Slate and Main, we relish the production process -- the whole nine yards of scripting, editing, and everything in between. Getting to build an entirely new story for and with our clients is super rewarding, and we love what we do. We pride ourselves on our mad skills with video production, so we wanted to share with you some exciting recent press coverage that we’ve received from sister business insight companies Clutch and The Manifest.

Clutch Graphic3.PNG

Clutch highlighted Slate and Main as one of the top video producers in Minneapolis, while The Manifest featured us among one of the top media production companies everywhere. Whoa!

Both The Manifest and Clutch are based in Washington, D.C., and the two firms collect and analyze research, like data on businesses’ market presence, experience, and client interviews, to rank small and mid-market companies like us. With such a thorough methodology that covers both the qualitative and quantitative performances of companies and an extensive evaluation of firms’ work and service, Clutch and The Manifest naming Slate and Main as a top producer is definitely an acknowledgement that we highly appreciate.

Above all, we are storytellers. We strive everyday, with every client and project, to bring a product to the table that fosters success and builds long-lasting relationships. Slate and Main treasures the chance to impact our clients’ growth and development, so we also very much value the positive feedback that some of our previous clients have left on our Clutch profile.

“Slate and Main's blend of experience and talent sets them apart. The age diversification is something I felt pretty confident with. There are people in their 50s who are knowledgeable, and there is the new creative energy, which is the 20-year-olds. It's a great marriage,” one client shared. “They always get back to me within two hours. We meet when we start a new project. They get back to us with a proposal and cost estimate. So far, it's been pretty custom. We feel like we get great attention.”

“The first video performed four times better than any other social media advertising and received positive feedback,” another client raved. “Slate and Main is responsive and takes a genuine interest in the projects. The team produces professional, high-quality content and offers creative and insightful ideas.”

A big thank you to Clutch, The Manifest, and to each and every one of our clients for their support, feedback, and chance to create. Looking forward to collaborating in the future and making more great videos!

Hunter Smith