What Will People Watch in 2019?

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Everyone is wondering what the future of marketing holds going into 2019. Our Content Manager, Hunter, is featured in this Rasmussen article talking about exactly that.


If you’re interested in the full context of the quote, here it is, in response to the prompt, “What will people want to watch in 2019?”

“Wow, crazy question. High level: video viewership keeps segmenting. This is especially true for things like conventional TV and OTT streaming, but it’s also true for social video.

The days of everyone tuning in to catch the latest episode of anything are practically over, with the exception of sports. So I’m going to answer this more conceptually than in terms of genre:

People want to watch high-quality, meaningful video. Sometimes that means two minute, listicle-style video explaining the bare essentials of a topic. Sometimes that means a three-hour stream from a content creator that the viewer loves. The trick is to NOT make self important content. No one cares about your five minute mission statement video. No one cares about your sales pitch disguised as an interview shot in landscape mode on your phone. Figure out why anyone cares about your brand at all, and then focus your content on that.”