A Must Have Skill For Marketers In 2019

“Truth, beauty, and goodness have their being together, by truth we are put in touch with reality which we find is good for us and beautiful to behold. In our knowing, loving and delighting the gift of reality appears to us as something infinitely and in-exhaustively valuable and fascinating.” - Dubay, The Evidential Power of Beauty

Truth Graphic1.jpg

The ads never stop. From social media to bumper stickers, everyone is chasing an angle. The problem many businesses are facing now is that, more likely than not, they share their angle with dozens of direct competitors. Finding that edge and separating from the pack is a process constantly in need of revisitation. But what if there was an edge that never got dull? Well, that would be a MUST-HAVE skill for 2019.   

If marketers are going to learn ONE skill going into 2019, it needs to be understanding and applying the three transcendentals: beauty, truth, and goodness. At least one of these elements is present in many of the ads (and most of the art) you’ve seen in your life. Together, they form the bedrock that launches campaigns, films, books, and even people onto the fast-track to fame.

Don’t worry, this is no philosophy lesson. Marketing is a business and businesses need to make money, but “business” is really only people interacting with each other, offering what they have in exchange for what they want. Marketing is all about facilitating this process, and to do that you need beauty, truth, and goodness.   

For most businesses, prospective customers and clients don’t know who you are at first blush. That’s why commercials, ads, banners, fliers, and billboards exist, to bridge that knowledge gap. Information-driven marketing is highly effective and initially seems like a wheel in no need of reinvention.

But step back and consider the variables in something as simple as an everyday grocery mailer. Is it ugly? Is it misleading? Are the deals undesirable? No. Someone spent time and energy laying out the design grid, taking the photos, and choosing the fonts. Another person spent hours factoring out the profit margins on the products, the demand, and the surplus to give both the customer and business itself the best deal possible. Finally, employees at the grocery store went around changing price tags, updating the digital system, and restocking the shelves to be prepared to keep the promises made to the customers.

That process happens every day, in big and small ways, for millions of businesses around the world, because in the end it’s all about the people.

Cynics will say it never goes as smoothly as all that.

Correct. The world is full of bad marketing. Don’t be a part of it. This series will exploring how, and don’t worry, there will be lots of videos along the way.

Hunter Smith