A New Solution: Mini Documentaries

A New Solution: Mini Documentaries

Video is our bread and butter, and that’s why we’ve been working on ways to make creating (and paying for) entire video campaigns easier. Now introducing our new solution to your marketing needs: approaching your video projects as mini-documentaries.

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Video Marketing as Mini Documentaries (mini docs) is our solution to the authenticity and pipeline problems. Below is a graphic to show what our package options are and what exactly we provide with mini docs.

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Why this approach works:

  • Removes pressure on internal creative resources.

  • Eliminates time consuming processes like RFPs, approvals, and scripting.

  • Shifts from planning talking points and scripts to identifying the best stories.

  • Benefits from a production process that results in lots of content.

We have already seen how mini docs can benefit a business through some of our video projects. Take a look at this mini doc we created on the healthcare systems.

For further information and recommendations on how you can begin using mini-docs in your marketing, contact us at 651.766.6661.

Jessica Nafe