Selling Products with Theme: Vignettes


Context is key to moving people into buying products or services. Video works really well in providing that context, but as seasoned marketers will know, video can also be pricey. To offset the price point while equipping brands with the advertising tools they need, we’ve created our system for producing vignettes.

These pieces identify a core brand value and translate that into a visual element we call the theme. These themes keep the pieces cohesive even as the scenarios involving the products change, as well as unifying the campaign across different mediums, i.e., TV broadcast versus an Instagram ad.

The following graphic explains the process.

Vignette Sheet 1 No Prices-05.jpg

Having a plan is always the best first step, which is why the strategy section always precedes production. The strategy gets Slate and Main (us) in close communication with the client (you) and puts everything on the table, from industry standards to creative expectations to data and demographics. This influences the creative options Slate and Main devises, from which the client then selects. If the client likes the creative direction and wants to continue production with Slate and Main, the $5,000 cost will be credited towards the $35,000 cost of production. If not, it is a single-time cost and can be revisited in the future.

The graphic below details some FAQ’s and possible uses.

Vignette Sheet 2 No Prices-06.jpg

Why this approach works:

  • Removes pressure on internal creative resources.

  • Eliminates time consuming processes like RFPs and approvals.

  • Builds strong branding while also emphasizing creativity.

  • Benefits from a production process that results in lots of versatile content, with options for different lengths, placements, and scenarios.

We have already seen how vignettes equip businesses through some of our video projects. Take a look at these vignettes we created for Your Love Book’s product launch.


For further information and recommendations on how you can begin using vignettes in your marketing, contact us at 651.766.6661.

Jessica Nafe