Content Solutions: Video Clips

Content Solutions: Video Clips

Marketing agencies have a tough job: get as much quality marketing done for as low of a cost as possible. Prerogatives like that have made the transition to the age of video hard for some, and we at Slate and Main have had a front-row seat to the whole thing.

So we went looking for a solution.

We challenged our team- Is it possible to create agency-level content for $200 a piece?

The answer turned out to be “yes.” Say hello to video clips.


Why this approach works:

  • Removes pressure on internal creative resources.

  • Eliminates time consuming processes like RFPs, approvals, and scripting.

  • Shifts from planning talking points and scripts to identifying engaging visuals.

  • Benefits from a production process that results in lots of content.

We have already seen how video clips can boost a businesses social content and engagement through our own branding. Here’s how the whole thing works:

Website Pitch (bulk only).jpg

Video content marketing as video clips is our solution for agencies, but it works exactly the same for direct-to-brands as well. With the growing influence of social media, creating value in the digital space is more important than ever. Below is a graphic regarding potential uses for the video clips as well as some FAQs.

Website Pitch2.jpg

For further information and recommendations on how you can begin using video clips in your marketing, contact us at 651.766.6661.

Jessica Nafe