On Location Packages

Capturing footage anywhere outside of our in studio packages; allowing organizations to feature their spaces, their people, and their communities where the really are - out in the real world!

On Location.png

THE PROBLEM:  Great video can be time consuming and expensive, two traits which are banes to consistency.

THE SOLUTION:  Starting from the top, select the quantity of video assets that are the best fit for your organization. Then, moving down, select what types of video to fill out your video marketing strategy with and in what quantity.

THE RESULT:  One simple number, per month, to create all of the video you need for the course of a budget cycle.

Three Styles of Video

Shot with 1-2 subjects; can be edited with the interviewer on camera or, like in this video, with just the answers to the questions asked. Both are extremely effective and great for creating case studies, client testimonials, real life stories, and more!

Utilizing the interview footage; we’ll work with you to highlight the number of topics that are most beneficial to your organization… and add in more B-Roll, pictures and interviews from your now growing library of footage!

Utilizing the interview footage and feature topics footage; we’ll continue to work with you to highlight your organization or a primary initiative in it (like fundraising, website video, etc). And of course, we’ll add in more B-Roll, pictures and interviews!