Dave Berggren from Medtronic

Big brands are becoming content producers, even if only by necessity. But what does that look like? And what are the best practices in our current age? Dave Berggren from Medtronic tackles these big questions and plenty more in his first SAM Session.


“Excellent In Everything”

Do we have to go big and flashy and big production house, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this video or is just a quick little snippet on an iPhone, okay? Right? And you can make arguments for both of those. Obviously, I’m a big quality guy. I think we need to be excellent in everything that we do and if you’re going to put something out publicly facing, it’s got to be really quality, high quality. But at the same time, if you go dark for 6 months because you’re waiting on this perfect video that you’re putting together, this perfect blog, you’re behind.

Your Time Is Now”

You have to always be on. And I worked a long time in TV news, in a traditional TV newsroom, where our deadline for a long time was, ‘hey, we’ve got the 10:00 o clock news coming, that’s our deadline.’ Now with social media, you know, journalists and brands as well, your deadline is now. Like, there isn’t a deadline coming up here, ‘hey we can’t wait to kick off our campaign in a month, or hey, the news starts soon, get your deadline in.’ Like, with social media and all these digital platforms, your deadline is now. What are you saying right now.

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