Ripley Smith from Bethel University

Is this a new golden age for media?

How are communities creating the news of the moment?

Are we amusing ourselves to death?

Ripley Smith, professor of communications at Bethel University, takes us to school to answer all our questions in his first SAM Session.


“It’s All About Funneling”

The whole idea of websites even is kind of passe. So now you have to take that social media content and drive customers back, so it’s all about funneling. How do we funnel them back to our core product? And I think, creating those short form pieces of content that we can put out on Twitter, and Instagram, and Snapchat and all those vehicles and drive them back to our core product. So I think that’s the key.

“Are We Amusing Ourselves To Death?”

Ripley: Are we amusing ourselves to death? I mean, one part of me says yes, everything is vain, vanity, right?

Mark: The Bachelor.

Ripley: It’s all trivial. And I think the trivial is dominating the landscape. The question is how do you cut through with the meaningful? So, I think, that’s what… What I see in my current students is that they’re in search of that meaningfulness.

Hunter Smith