Griffin Severson from Twin Cities Orthopedics

Back in the good old days, having a Facebook page MEANT something, y’know? But the world of marketing evolves fast, and as Griffin wisely says, “You can’t fake it anymore.” Nothing about this game is easy, so it takes dedicated, authentic people working to make you brand ring true to the consumers. Tune in now to hear more of this SAM Sessions-superfan’s truisms!


“Why They Need You”

People see through the crap right now, they really do, and anybody who thinks that they can outsmart the public is just wrong. Probably the biggest challenge, I think, as a marketer, is taking what you know and what you’re so proud of as your brand and your company, that you want to tell people about it, and convince them why they should choose you and why they should buy into your message. But it’s your message. Are you listening to them? Are you actually in touch with why they like you? Why they need you? Are you listening? Are you participating? And are you connecting?

”Everyone’s Sort Of The Expert”

So many people are on social media that everyone’s sort of the expert, you know? Or everyone has their…. The way that they utilize Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. All of them. And so they come to marketers to be the experts and to be able to explain how you use that for business, and a lot of times they only know how they’re using it as a person, and it’s very different.

Hunter Smith