Bridget Smith from Innovative Office Solutions

Nonprofit and for-profit, sales and charity, digital and personal, Bridget Smith from Innovative provides key insights into how they’ve been so successful in a variety of fields. The important part, she says, is the people.


"Meet For Coffee”

You get bombarded every single day with how many emails, right? How many phone calls? But how many times does somebody pick up the phone and say, ‘hey, let’s meet for coffee? Hey, do you want to come to a game with me? Hey, can I take you and have you enjoy this experience?” and really try to get in front of that customer and get to know them on a personal level, because you can learn so much more about your needs, what they need, how they can be more successful as a person and at their business too, and so relationships are key, absolutely, for our organization.

“Being A Person”

There is a whole new realm of marketing, being a person. You’re marketing yourself to that person, you trying to get to know them and try to get them to believe in, whether its our for-profit, those solutions or non-profit and your mission and your purpose. And so I think people are powerful, and they’re extremely powerful even in the way that you’re going to go and market to a customer.






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