Kristi Piehl from Media Minefield

Just when you thought your company had mastered the secrets of online branding, suddenly GenZ swoops in and demands social media interactions from your executives! Kristi Piehl from Media Minefield lays out all the twists, turns, and advantages that have been laid at our feet in the age of New Media, from a more educated user base to the tasks of brands when managing all these new branches of PR. Whether you’re just trying to get a grip on it all or already on the way to being a master, Kristi has something for you. Watch now!


“A Narrowing Of Focus”

Right now there are so many platforms. I think what we’re going to see is maybe a narrowing of focus, of expertise, because it’s the “Real News/Fake News” thing is something that we talk about a lot, and there’s so much fake news out there, I think that it’s important for consumers to understand what they’re getting and who is behind it, who is paying for it. And that’s the age I think we entering into when it comes to media. People are becoming educated, and they’re thinking about, “Huh, wonder who put this out, I wonder if there’s a bias, I wonder if it’s coming from Russia.” These are all really good questions that consumers should be asking.

“Just A Different World”

It’s really important for executives, athletes, people who are out in the public eye, to have a positive online presence, and to understand that consumers are making decisions based on that brand. There was a recent study that came out that forty-four percent of consumers, of a younger consumer, are making decisions, with their dollars, based on the online presence of the executives. Which is a crazy way to think about things, but if you think about who you’re following on Twitter or Instagram or whatever your favorite platform is, brands matter. And a brand voice matters. And people are making decisions even based on what stances some of these brands are taking, which is just a different world.

Hunter Smith