Ben Wilson from Eagle Brook

Speak the language, tell stories, make moments. Ben Wilson from Eagle Brook lays out all these key elements of creating connections with people through media in this packed SAM Session.


“Memorable In Their Lives”

Over the years, we’ve, I think, shown that media is such an important part of communicating with people. That’s the language that people speak, is through video. So we built a team that are just creative, brilliant, and we’re always just trying to think of new ways to use, specifically for me, video to reach our audience, and create a moment that will be memorable in their lives.

“You’re Shortening Your Life”

I’m starting to feel older and older all the time when it comes to anything social media related. Instagram; vertical video I’ve struggled with a little bit, but it’s, for us, very important to observe those trends and try and participate in those and communicate through those if we want to continue to reach a younger audience.

If you’re only targeting older people, you’re shortening your life, you know? Because at some point those people aren’t going to be around anymore. So you have to continue to think “what’s next?” You have to move forward. “What are we doing today to move forward and reach that younger audience and reach more people?”

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