Griffin Severson from Twin Cities Orthopedics

Do you like pizza? Celebrities? How about taking responsibility for your brand’s audience communication? Griffin brings all that to the table and more in this hilarious SAM Session.


“On Behalf Of All Marketers”

Griffin: This is the one thing that maybe I can share to other marketers- on behalf of all marketers, right?

Mark: Please listen!

Griffin: It’s okay to take risks and to be wrong. And it’s okay if your story that you’re trying to tell isn’t the world’s greatest story that’s ever been told. Everyone should be held accountable to trying to be responsible in the way that they do things, in the way they’re portraying their message, in the way they’re trying to connect with people, in what they’re selling. Be honest, be genuine, as best you can, but just know that it’s not always going to be a viral video! And it’s not always going to work, but that is okay. That actually makes your brand better.

“You Can’t Control Viral”

If you really want something to be successful- viral- you can’t control viral. You’re never going to be able to forge or create viral, it just doesn’t work. Unless you do put more money into things, more people will see it, I promise you that. If you have that luxury, which many of us do not. But if you know what actually makes your audience tick, even if it doesn’t get huge viral, it’s going to matter. And mattering to fewer people is more important than being a throwaway to more.

Hunter Smith