Kristi Piehl from Media Minefield

In Kristi Piehl’s second SAM Session, she defines “Newsability,” gives her perspective on building story and content, and offers some encouragement on how to get the most out of that content. When it comes to trusting experts, the self-made ones are the best. This is some seriously earned media, so watch now!


“People Aren’t Sick of It”  

The interesting thing about press is that it happens fast, and it’s done. However, social media can make it live longer, your website can make it live longer, but it’s disappointing when someone spends a lot of time, energy, and money on some kind of campaign, and then it ends. And they don’t continue to use it. It can be fresh content. There’s always a TBT or a Flashback Friday. Keep using your good stuff because in the world we live in, where consumption is happening fast…. Use it again. People aren’t sick of it.  

“Seven Times”

Kristi: Most studies say that someone has to hear something seven times before they can say it back to you. So, your message then has to be short and sweet so someone could actually give it back to you. So doing a campaign for two weeks or buying billboards for two weeks, that’s fine, but that is not now going to transform your business.

Mark: So don’t be afraid to reuse material over and over and over again because of the short life and the short news cycles.

Kristi: Yeah, freshen it up a little bit, you know? Change the headline, freshen it up. “It’s been a year since this happened, isn’t that exciting?” National pillow day, I bet you’ll see Mike Lindell putting up his pillow fight.

Mark: You think?

Kristi: There’s options! They know what they’re doing.

Hunter Smith