Dave Berggren from Medtronic

In his second SAM Session, Dave Berggren from Medtronic talks about his favorite marketing campaign that he’s seen recently, as well as the importance of heart in content marketing and how to pull that out in the advertising you do.


“Impact On That Moment”

I saw something really cool recently, done by a highlighter company. Basically, rather than just say, “Hey, we make amazing highlighters,” they took old photos from world history and they highlighted people in the background of amazing historical moments. You know, like the Berlin Wall is coming down and they highlighted faces in the background of photos and they talked about what these people were doing and how they made an impact on that moment. And I just figured, wow what a cool way to showcase your product and also just be part of a kind of historical conversation, and I thought that was just a really cool marketing campaign.

“Aim For The Heart”

What’s the story? I mean, let’s talk about it. As a storyteller, as a corporate storyteller and content marketer, I’m trying to figure out- I’m trying to aim for the heart, right? So I’m saying, okay, nothing is really going to go viral unless it connects with somebody. So, your flashy promo-video that might’ve been cool ten years ago, it might not hit an audience like it maybe did a decade ago. So I’m gonna go, “what’s happening in your company? What’s the story? How’re people’s lives being affected? Where is the impact being felt?” Let’s go talk to those people.

Hunter Smith