Kris Lindahl from Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Who better to solve The Chicken And The Egg problem of marketing than real estate guru Kris Lindahl? More than that, Kris also offers some valuable insight into his experiences with failure, growing a company, and how to get big by starting small.  


“Shiny Object Syndrome”

I really believe that you have to truly own something up front, whatever that is, and if you don’t have any budget, I mean, pull out your phone and record videos for free and upload them to a social media platform and just own that, until you can scale and grow. There’s a lot of platforms out there where you can get a free organic reach that will hit enough people to actually make an impact in your business. But I’ve just seen that the number one mistake that most people make is that they don’t own anything. They’re just spread so thin. It’s like that shiny object syndrome where like everyday there is a new widget that pops up or new platform. Especially in marketing and advertising, there are new products and new things everyday. And so just be careful that you’re not just chasing shiny objects and you actually own something.

“The Biggest Gainers”

You know that the biggest risk takers are the biggest gainers, usually. So, any time that you are going to market, there is a huge risk that is associated with that, and it takes time for that money or for those results to come back. Especially in real estate, where you have a client that might be a year out or two years out. You may have paid for that opportunity right up front, yet the actual closing might not happen for two years. So you have to have a significant budget and bandwidth to sustain. So that’s where it becomes really difficult, is you might be paying for that business today, but at best it might be ten months out before you get it back.

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