Bridget Smith from Innovative Office Solutions

Innovative Office Solution’s Bridget Smith is back for her second interview on SAM Sessions. In this one, she explains the value of risk, experimentation, and, yes, being innovative with marketing (don’t worry, she’s got examples). To see where she goes from there, just watch!


“What Could This Turn Into?”

What people need to do is stop just focusing on the plan, but focusing on “what’s the future of this, what could this turn into?” and don’t be afraid to try different things. And maybe it’s going to be a flop, but you tried it and you learned from it. And so, I think that’s one thing we’ve learned as an organization, is you have to try something to stay ahead of that competition. Try something out of the box and challenge your organization with something they’ve never, ever done before because it could turn into something great.

“Come Up With A Goal”

If you’re continuing to stay on that steady path of repetition, you’re never going to get anywhere. You have to challenge yourself individually and professionally to be successful, and so I think that goes into… I mean, even my marketing team as a whole, I challenge them every single week. You gotta come up with a goal. What’s your personal goal, and what’s your professional goal? Because if you can intertwine those? Then you can have successful employees.






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