Ripley Smith from Bethel University

Ripley Smith’s second Session takes on the difficulties and successes of modern advertising. As audiences grow more and more cynical of content and beleaguered by interruptions, he ponders the direction the market might take next. Plus, he gets a little international.


“The Future Is Subscription”

People would pay not to have ads, and that’s clear from Netflix, right? I think fifty percent of homes in the U.S. now have some sort of streaming video service, whether its YouTube TV or Direct TV Now, one of these services, and so maybe the future is subscription. Maybe the British have known this all along, right? That people will subscribe and pay to have TV and we don’t have to have ads!

“Market To The World”

Ripley: I mean we’ve seen it in Hollywood for years, right? I mean, they get most of their box office now from the global take. They found that, yeah, we’ve got to find those lowest common denominator things, like violence-

Mark: No dialogue.

Ripley: Right, no dialogue! Action sells around the world, but certain kinds of humor doesn’t. So comedies are not going to sell well across cultural lines. What else do we have to modify to market to the world?

Hunter Smith