Greg Winter from Gregory Winter Photography

What do you expect from video? If you’re like Greg Winter, your standards are probably high. Thoughtful shots, intentional storytelling, and meaningful moments. If you think that doesn’t sound too outlandish, well, neither does he. In this great SAM Session, Greg probes the state of the modern video marketing industry and offers insight to brands looking to get into the game.


“900 Hours Of Footage”

You have to have a desire to want to separate your message off. So you have to come up with creative that’s different, that requires a different answer. Right now, it seems like the model of production is, well, we’ll take one, or even maybe two cameras -maybe if we are really crazy we will bring three cameras along- and we’ll just hose the thing down. We’ll just shoot everything that moves, because maybe we don’t really have an idea for this thing. Because what the client wants is a presence either on social media or wherever and then you bring all that back and you give it to some poor, hapless editor who now has to sort through 900 hours of footage where the camera never got shut off, there’s no slates, there’s no way of organizing it, and then somehow somebody has an expectation for that that’s going to market their business in a successful way, and I just think that you are asking too much.

“Separating Yourself”

Interestingly enough, now just this week, I saw two spots from Dunkin’ Donuts that are really hilarious, that are really a good mark in terms of separating yourself off from all the other stuff that is out there. That’s the issue. You have to have somehow, a clear message that people understand and take to heart and remember, right? But all of this other stuff, it all goes into the same pile.

Hunter Smith