Ripley Smith from Bethel University

Going for a hat trick, Ripley Smith discusses maintaining brand identity through media advertising in his third Session. He address the need for brands to have wholeness in life; something meaningful for followers to attach to. In the wake of mobilization and increased streaming, Ripley also covers how you can keep your brand recognizable and relevant to the changing narratives.


“Build This Tribe”

I think you see it in all of the really forward thinking brands. You know, Lululemon, right, or Les Mills, for exercise clothing, I see that in some of my kids’ circles. They build this tribe around their brand, and it’s bigger than just an article of clothing. It’s about wholeness in life, or fitness, or giving back, and TOMS footwear. So, I think you build that tribe and then that comes along with a certain culture. But, it all goes back to those corporate values that that company says they espouse.

“Personalization And Mobile”

I don’t think social media is going away, and I think the trends we’re seeing is in personalization and mobile, so ad revenue is going to follow those two trends. Social media is 25% of video on demand right now, so I think those ad formats are going to have to accommodate that social media environment and the streaming environment. So, I think the day of the 30 second ad is waning. I just don’t think how you can maintain that in short form storytelling because if all of this video on demand is coming over streaming services, the storytelling is going to change, and the attention span is shrinking and so it’s going to go short form and the ads have to do the same.

Jessica Nafe