Greg Winter from Gregory Winter Photography

It’s a simple fact of life that relationships change over time. In this week’s SAM Session, Greg Winter offers a look into the ever-evolving relationship between marketing agencies and production companies, along with a brief history lesson. Plus, he dives into the importance of visual literacy. Check it out now.



The biggest issue right now is still just price. It’s price and availability, right? I mean, you know, “my brother-in-law has got a camera, why can’t he just shoot it?” Well, your brother-in-law could shoot it, but, you know it’s like when someone looks at a Pollock, a Jackson Pollock painting, and they go, “Well, my kid could of painted that!” and you know, respectfully sir, no, your kid couldn’t have painted it, because there is intentionality behind that, which your kid doesn’t have. So, there’s the issue. It’s intentionality, it’s being focused on what it is you are trying to say and how you are going to say it.

“Visual Literacy”

We always have the conversation about intentionality and about visual literacy. You need to know what images mean, and you need to know how marketers are talking to you, how they’re speaking to you, what kind of an impression they are trying to make. Because it’s a language just like English, it’s understandable. We all know that certain shots mean certain things in movies, so you should want to be aware of that, you should want to know how that language functions in your understanding of the message.

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