Reece Anderson from LA Marque Consulting

Ever wonder who the mastermind is behind all the glitz and glamour of big events? Like the really big events? Like Super Bowl big? The answer is Reece Anderson, event planner at-large. He stopped by the Slate and Main studios to give us an idea on all that goes into planning and executing the kind of parties everyone wants to be at, ranging from how to elevate an experience to the importance of transparency in price. Listen in!


“Elevated Experience”

When I think of hospitality, I think it goes really deep to client experience and curating something really special. Something that maybe they haven’t seen before. A different experience. Even if you want to use the word “white glove” along with it. Hospitality for me is an elevated experience.


I’m really transparent on price right away, so if I have a group coming to me that wants help producing or executing something for a thousand people, well that kind of limits your venue selection right away, especially in our market, and things can stack up really quickly and so I think it is just being up front with the client right away and letting them know that this is pretty common pricing across the board.

Hunter Smith