Barriers to Entry

“Video is too expensive!” said, like, every person in charge of any advertising budget, ever. But, we here at Slate and Main ask, “what if it didn’t have to be?”

Instead of starting your advertising with Traditional Content Creation, like mailing campaigns and Facebook pages, why not make a video and reap the rewards that ripple out? This is called Complete Content Creation. You should be using the whole buffalo, so to speak. If you make a video, you have all the parts it’s made of. Sound design, voice over, graphics, literature, and high-quality footage that can easily be changed into photos or banners.

Mixing our metaphors, advertising costs look a little like a pyramid. Most people will start at the bottom with the cheaper stuff and slowly scrounge their way up, making video feel like it’s at the top of Mount Never-est.  

Here’s what we suggest: instead of building your ad campaign up to video, build your campaign out of your video. You’ll quickly find that a lot of pieces from your videos can be repurposed. Saving you money! Maybe now that budget guy can calm down. He maybe needs to switch to decaf…. 

Hunter Smith