Evolving Your Brand

The runaway train called Pokemon Go has finally slowed to a more manageable pace. The band wagoners have moved on to the next fad and the true Pokemon Masters are figuring out the finer points of the game. Like how that new tracking feature works…. What’s the grass all about, anyway?

Anyway, we think it’s time business owners and marketers look at the finer points of what propelled this app-based juggernaut.

We’re talking about evolving your brand.

In 1996 Nintendo birthed their first games about battling pocket monsters. Long-time fans can tell you, aside from updated graphics and a few aesthetic functions, the games have remained basically the same over, even as those same loyal customers begged all that time for something new, something expansive. But across all their franchises, Nintendo takes very few risks. Really, Pokemon Go is Nintendo’s most committed venture into the app gaming world, to huge success. Why? Because they stopped ignoring their costumer’s needs.

2016 marked the 20th anniversary for Pokemon, meaning that as a brand they’ve had two decades of cultivating young consumers. Not capitalizing on this resource would have been value down the drain, and Nintendo realized that part of being a prolific brand in the modern era means allowing your proponents to be a part of the discussion. Don’t limit your brand to your own initial vision. Let it grow with your customer base, meeting them where they are.

If you stay true to fulfilling your customers, who knows?

Your brand may evolve into something powerful

Hunter Smith