Get Your Video Online

A friend of mine made a video recently, but he said that he didn’t get the response he had been hoping for. So where do you think he put that video? Unfortunately, the answer is “On his flash drive.” Okay, maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

If a video isn’t being distributed properly, it shouldn’t be a surprise when is doesn’t work!  You can’t just make a video; you have to make sure people see it! AND get them to want to hit play! If they aren’t seeing your video, what’s the point of making it?

See, placement is HUGE. Put your video on YouTube, not just your webpage. Then, link it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, all that stuff.

 Failing to get your video out there is kinda like making a beautiful post card for your target audience to see and then hanging it on the front door of your business, hoping your customers will walk by and be converted.

Videos are meant to be shown and seen, so get that video to your audience.

And then don’t stop!  Keep on making them, better and better and better. 

Hunter Smith