Instagram VS Snapchat

Story time! Back in high school, there was this kid who would copy everyone’s answers almost exactly. You’d think he’d get caught eventually, right? Instead he repeatedly had the best grades in the class! It was a severe case of teacher’s pet, and the world of social video is undergoing something similar.

When Instagram debuted their new “Story” feature, everyone couldn’t believe how similar it was to Snapchat. The layout, the look, the function: it’s nearly all the same. But what no one was expecting was the preferred spot Instagram would nab with advertisers.

Instagram has twice the users Snapchat has (300 million vs 150 million), meaning a wider reach. They also have a tried and tested analytics system based of Facebook, which owns Instagram, providing a familiar and reliable interface for marketers, whereas Snapchat is still struggling to optimize their system.

And since Instagram is backed by all of Facebook’s data, their ads are more precise and less intrusively placed, making them more consumer friendly. Snapchat still has a strong pulse of course. It’s hard to beat that Bee Filter. But unless they make some changes soon, Instagram still gets a better grade. 

Hunter Smith