Market, Doggone It!

And now for another classic episode of Storytime with Slate and Main.

Once upon a time there were two dogs in a park. One was a great big, fuzzy black lab, happily panting and wagging his tail. The other was a teeny, tiny Chihuahua. Now the bigger dog, confident in his stature, got right up in the Chihuahua’s thin face, sniffing, licking, and pushing. But instead of backing down, the Chihuahua started yipping and snipping at the lab, chasing him in circles. That black lab slunk off with a careful eye on the small fry.

Like all great fables, this one has a point. Size doesn’t matter to dogs, and it shouldn’t matter to you either, oh-so-humble business owner!

When the time comes to allocate funds, too many small companies slash their marketing budgets trying to save money. And that’s backwards thinking. If you want to go nose-to-nose with the big dog on your block, whatever your industry, you haveto market.

Because if you don’t market, you’ve already lost, so you may as well tuck your tail and close up shop. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, but high quality advertising mixed with a little consistencyhelps build awareness for your company and let folks know you exist.

A little more bark, so to speak.

Hunter Smith