Now Back to Me! I'm On Mobile Video

If you’re holding a phone (which, let’s be honest, you either are, just were, or are about to be), there’s a chance you’re one of the 98% of people who use their mobile devices to watch video. If you’ve ever why we get so excited about video marketing, this is it.

Because it’s never been about simply making or having the video, though that’s obviously vital. Your video needs to be where there’s the most traffic, or, even better, dedicated traffic. Enter, mobile video AKA that 98%.

Google tells us 53% of those people were sitting down and watching the video they encounter on mobile purposefully and thoroughly. Mobile video trounces television, clocking in at 28%attentive viewers, nearly half of mobile.

In short, mobile video viewers are more intentional and engaged.

People want to watch video. Your video. So put it in their reach.

Hunter Smith