Pick a Good One

Have you ever hear of Tommy LaSorda? He was the Hall of Fame manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers from 1976-1996. But before that, Tommy Lasorda served as the 3rd base coach. The story goes that when one of the Dodger hitters stepped into the batter’s box and looked to Lasorda for instruction, Lasorda stuck a finger in his nose.

Weird, yeah?

So, the hitter stepped out of the box, wandered over to Lasorda, and asked, “What’s the finger in the nose mean?” And Lasorda says “Pick a good one.”

The same goes when you’re wondering which video production company to choose. We want you to pick a good one. The impact of video is real. People are engaging with brands on video platforms more than ever. Customers really like high-level, well-crafted content. And fortunately, there are plenty of creative folks who produce video professionally. More importantly, they really understand how to make great video and love doing it.

We believe there are no boring stories... just boring videos. A good video production company can help you tell your story and connect your business to your customers.

So get in there and pick a good one.

Hunter Smith