Postage Stamp

Is Online Video really a cost-effective way to reach your target audience? Terrific question. There are lots of effective ways to reach your target audience. Radio, TV, even Direct Mail, but nothing quite matches the power and specific targeting that online video can deliver.

So then the next question must be “how much would you pay to reach your audience?” Let’s clarify that a little more. Not just any audience, but a highly engaged audience. Print, TV, and radio are great ways to advertise, but digital online marketing platforms like Facebook offer incredible opportunities to reach highly engaged audiences for a fraction of the cost.

Facebook users are online for roughly 40 minutes per day, looking for cool or goofy stuff, which means you can focus your content on very specific demographic data. You can target your content to reach specific locations, genders, ages, interests, connections, education, and more.

A lot of people think of advertising in terms of cost per thousand. Meaning, “how much does it cost to reach a thousand people?”Now as right or wrong as that traditional thinking may be, it offers a glimpse into the advantages of digital marketing. Print, TV and radio may cost up to $30 or more to reach a thousand people, but the cost of reaching a thousand people on social media platforms?

Less than the price of postage stamp.

Hunter Smith