Puzzle Pieces Part 2: Content

Time to finish the puzzle!

Content picks up where strategy leaves off. You need that strategy that you’ve already pieced together in order to make the most of your creativity. For example, if the strategy determines your brand’s demographic is middleclass young adults, your content should cater to that and include staples such as coffee shops, iPads, and manicured beards.

Or if your psychographic data points you towards an audience of people further established in life, your content could include more appropriate elements like a two car garage or a landscaped lawn.

And that’s just age differences. Gender. Race. Education. These are only the beginning of an unending list of qualifiers that can steer your content.

If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry! There are plenty of marketing agencies that can do both the strategy and make the content. But whatever you do, do it completely.

Don’t end up holding half the puzzle.

Hunter Smith