The Kings and Queens of the Internet

We’ve explain why trying to go viral with your video is the wrong idea. But you still want as many people as possible to see your video. Just, you know. The right kind of people. The key is to find the digital influencers of your target demographic. Who do your audience already watch? We’re talking about taste makers. Bloggers, vloggers, Instagramers, Viners, Tweeters, and Snapchatters. The internet has evolved word-of-mouth marketing, giving marketers better access to influencing the Everyman Endorsement.

For example, the clothing brand Wet Seal handed over their Snapchat account to a teenage blogger for two days, resulting in9,000 new followers.

This method is also cost effective, since you’re only paying one person to promote your brand instead of an entire corporation.

Digital Influencers are quickly become the kings and queens of the internet, making them valuable assets for your video distribution, and your marketing in general. 

Hunter Smith