Saving Space for Social Video


...said William Shakespeare. As short videos become more and more common, your company's video marketing could benefit from a few high-quality clips. 

Visualize any of your social media time lines (more likely than not, most of you were looking at one of them only a second ago). Space in between the baby photos and political tirades, most of the content takes the form of short videos, ranging from 5 to 90 seconds long. 


A two-hour movie? Unless it's date night, probably not. Yet, online we'll blast through two hours worth of 15 second videos without even coming up for air. Social media juggernauts like Facebook live, Vine, and Snapchat owe their rise to short-form video, so, as with other kinds of social media, if your content is getting views they are happy to propagate it for you. 


  • Vine and Snapchat are very young-demographic specific. With more and more young people migrating from Facebook, a few targeted clips using these mediums can be very powerful. 
  • Twitter and Instagram both have autoplay features, which is something of a necessity in highly linear mobile applications. But, like Facebook, they also don’t have ads.

Good content can get anyone to stop, especially if your video is brief. 

Hunter Smith