Video Versatility

Here’s what we sounds like—‘Video, video, video.’ Sounds very repetitive.

But it’s actually a very fluid medium.

Innovators constantly are pushing new kinds of content, pulling video along for the ride. Some content pushed more audience-involved avenues, resulting in 360 video feeds and interactive click-through videos.

More than video is changing though. Social media platforms continue to spring up that are built specifically for new types of video, such as the case with Snapchat. While not exactly a “new” medium, it’s new relatively, and it’s constantly changing, adding new filters, ads, options, and feeds. FacebookLive and Periscope found a void to fill in the form of live streaming, which is also not a new concept, but included real-time reactions integrated in main stream social media outlets.

Marketing is what’s changing, and video continues to adapt. 

Hunter Smith