Your Video Doesn't Need to Go Viral

Here’s a common myth: Viral Video is a cheap way to market. 

The internet isn’t the same as it was back when Charlie bit that pesky finger, and neither is video. Now people work hours and hours and spend heaps of money in order to go viral. But since everyone is trying to make their video viral too, you have way more competition and way shorter staying-power.

Good marketing, such as research, strategy, and customer data is more important and more effective than making a viral video. If five million random people who aren’t invested in your brand watch your video, you might turn a hundred heads. However, if five thousand specifically targeted people watch content made specifically for them, their wants and needs, your brand may pull five hundred conversions. To lean on a classic metaphor, it's not the size of the lake you fish in, it's the bait you're using. 

We’re not saying forcing a video to go viral is impossible. People do it all the time. But it’s like a marketing campaign onto itself, requiring lots of money for prime placement, hired sharers, and of course lots and lots of time on social media promoting. Businesses can get lost somewhere promoting their video and promoting their brand.

That’s why we think content crafted to your customer markets so much more efficiently. Whereas trying to make a viral video may just come back to bite you.

Hunter Smith